Lydsto R1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and mop with Self Empty

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  • LDS laser scanning
  • Smart storage
  • APP control
  • Custom partition
  • Make an appointment for cleaning
  • 360° scan environment
  • Precise real-time positioning
  • Intelligent path planning
  • Automatically store maps
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Lydsto R1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and mop with Self Empty by Xiaomi

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Auto-Empty Base

Auto-empty base clears dust in the dust box of robot vacuum cleaner and really release your hands. Note: The auto-empty station is included in the package, non-separate sales robot vacuum cleaner.It also has a dust bag with 3L capacity, you can replace it once 1 month. Get notifications once the dust bag is full

360 ° Scan and Accurate Identification

Lydsto R1 uses LDS laser navigation technology, 360 ° precision scanning, and combines the latest Lysmart V5 algorithm to accurately position. You can accurately map and navigate, build multiple maps and storage in milliseconds. Intelligent partition, plan a perfect cleaning path.

Intelligent cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

  1. On-Demand charging, improvement of cleaning efficiency
  2. Monthly disposable dust bag of 3L capacity 3L
  3. Automatic and dust-free sealing
  4. Dust autoalarm
  5. No Disturbance With Low-Noise Operation

Low battery automatic recharge

The Lydsto R1 robotic vacuum cleaner uses a mature algorithm. When the battery level is less than 15%, it will automatically return to the dust collection station for charging. Even if the dust collection station is located in another room, it can return smoothly and remember the previous position and continue cleaning

2700Pa strong suction

The Lydsto R1 robot vacuum cleaner body is equipped with a high-speed intelligent digital brushless motor, with a speed of up to 17000rpm/min, high performance and strong power; four levels of suction are available, with air duct vacuum design, fine dust, debris, The hair and the dust accumulated