Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro


Experience dynamic 360 Audio that shifts you into the middle of the scene.

With Dolby Head Tracking™ technology, Galaxy Buds Pro make you feel as though you are in the center of your favorite video, movie or TV show.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Truly wireless earbuds, with pro-grade technology for immersive sound like never before from Galaxy. Use Intelligent ANC to seamlessly switch between noise canceling and adjustable ambient sound so you can let the outside in — or keep it out. It’s your world. Galaxy Buds Pro lets you hear more of what you want.


Tunes out noises, tunes in voices, Noise canceling you can control

Active Noise Canceling on Galaxy Buds Pro filters out up to 99% of background noise. Microphones on the inside and outside monitor noise in real time. Choose the ANC level to dial the world up or down with intelligent features that help cancel out the noise: turn it to High on a noisy bus, or use Low in a quiet library without needing to adjust the volume.

Voice Detect instantly switches from ANC to Ambient sound when it hears your voice. Like when you’re at a cafe using ANC to block outside noise, tell the barista your order and ANC automatically turns off when you speak. These intelligent Galaxy Buds turn down the volume for your conversation, even if you’re using Ambient Mode or have ANC turned off, by lowering the volume of your music and focusing the microphone on the person speaking to you

Ambient sound means you don’t have to take your earbuds out to join the conversation. With intelligent features to help raise the volume of your environment through four levels, you can hear voices clearly, so you don’t miss out on important parts of the discussion.


Get lost in studio quality sound
From high treble to deep bass, notes come through beautifully, thanks to custom-built 2-way speakers with sound by AKG. Galaxy Buds Pro offer the most immersive sound experience on Galaxy Buds, whether you’re listening to a new album or the audiobook for your next road trip.

Take calls with clear audio and less distractions, so you feel confident you’re connected and heard, even on the go. Great quality calls for true wireless earbuds from Samsung, means you get less noise and a clearer voice on calls at home or out in the world. With three built-in microphones and the voice pickup unit, so calls are crystal clear.


Lifelike audio that immerses you with incredible realism

Experience dynamic 360 Audio that shifts you into the middle of the scene. With Dolby Head Tracking™ technology, Galaxy Buds Pro make you feel as though you are in the center of your favorite video, movie or TV show. The intelligent motion-tracking sensor pinpoints the direction of the sound as you move your head, enabling a powerful sense of realism in your listening experience. And with content in Dolby Atmos®, hear all the details with great clarity, and feel a deep connection to the story.

CONVENIENCE, Your Galaxy in harmony

Switch it up with ease

Auto Switch on Galaxy Buds Pro intelligently detects mobile activity and seamlessly shifts its connection to your Galaxy device. So, when you’re watching a movie on your Galaxy tablet and get a call, Galaxy Buds Pro automatically switches the audio to your phone. Then once you hang up, Galaxy Buds Pro seamlessly connects back to the tablet — flipping from Galaxy device to device without you needing to touch a screen.

Your smart assistant, always on standby

When you’re connected to your Galaxy smartphone, you can speak to make things happen without touching it. A simple “Hi Bixby” wakes it up, and then you can give a command to make a phone call, change the music and more. You can even switch between Samsung Galaxy devices by saying its name, and activate or turn off ANC and Ambient Mode.

Win hide and seek with your earbuds

Misplaced your ear buds? Just open the SmartThings app. Your Galaxy Buds will emit a beep so you can easily find them in your room.

Share the sound with your bud

Keep your Galaxy Buds in and let a friend tune in, too. Buds Together lets you connect two sets of Galaxy Buds Pro to your Galaxy smartphone at the same time, so you can both listen to your BFF playlist with pro-grade sound quality.

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